1. Cargo Tank cleaning
    • Sludge removal
    • Cleaning for hot work
  2. Fuel oil tank
    • Scraping
    • Diesel mopping
    • Cleaning for hot work
  3. Ballast tank
    • Mud removal
    • Washing for inspection and hot work
  4. Engine room cleaning includes:
    • Cleaning the bilges
    • Crank case cleaning
    • main engine air cooler cleaning
    • remove rust (chipping) and painting
    • Lube oil sump tank cleaning
    • Bilge holding tank cleaning
    • WC tank cleaning
    • Engine room sludge tank cleaning
    • Diesel tank cleaning
    • Pumping out of fresh water from tank
    • High pressure washing and mopping
  5. Pump room
    • Cleaning bilges
    • cargo pump cleaning
    • Ballast pump cleaning
    • Tank cleaning pump
  6. Main deck cleaning, Cargo pipes cleaning, PV breaker cleaning
  7. Chain locker cleaning
  8. Chemical washing of fuel oil tanks, cargo tanks, pumping out water and mopping
  9. Accommodation area cleaning
  10. Cold room cleaning
  11. Steering room cleaning
  12. High pressure jetting up to 40,000 psi
  13. Chipping, power brushing and painting

Pipe Fitting:

  1. Removing, modification and re-installation of all types of pipes on board vessels.
  2. Fabrication and installation of all types of new pipes on board vessels.


  1. Providing riggers for the movement of all types of heavy equipment to and from vessels
  2. Remove and renew crane, boom wire and cargo wire
  3. Remove and renew life boat fall wire
  4. Renewing of accommodation ladder fall wire
  5. Remove and Renew anchor wire
  6. Remove and Renew anchor chain
  7. Load test
  8. Lashing of ocean going material
  9. Mooring wires remove or reverse
  10. Mechanical Splicing
  11. Supplying of lifting gear material
  12. Supplying of crane signal man, lifting supervisor and rigger
  13. Car carrier and ramp door fall wire

Electrical and Instrumentation:

  1. Installation
  2. Cable Terminations
  3. Loop Tests
  4. Calibration
  5. Testing & Tuning
  6. Total Commissioning Management